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Lilian Oliver is the founder of Perfect Pear Workshops. She lives on a 5 acre hobby farm with her family of 3 daughters (Mikayla, Indiana & Aurelia) and husband James. The farm they own used to be an Apple Orchard and even has two of the remaining Jonathon Apple trees in the small orchard. When it came time to name the farm (a tradition for many larger properties), Alma Cottage was chosen. 'Alma' is the Hungarian word for 'Apple'. Lilian's family has close ties to Hungary, so it seemed fitting to bring this past into her future. When brainstorming business names, Lilian wanted to play on the 'Apple' theme but also somehow tie in her love and admiration for her Identical twin daughters, Aurelia & Indiana. The girls were born at 25 weeks gestation and had a 50% chance of survival. After 4 months in NICU, they were finally allowed home. Starting a business can be scary, but seeing what her twins went through has inspired Lilian (and James) to take some risks. Creating Perfect Pear was not only Lilian's dream but the whole families dream. So...after much deliberation, Perfect Pear Workshops was born!

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