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Meet Sarah & Lil, co-founders of Perfect Pear Workshops.  

Sarah (Sars) loves the community feel of our creative business, moving her family from the 'burbs' onto a stunning 2 acre country property.  Lil, managing the Global Workshop Division at Swedish Stationary Company kikki.K, worked remotely from her 5 acre rural property also loved the life changing affect that workshops have on people attending.

"We both found so many events were located in major cities, meaning our own local community missed out on so many beautiful classes.  We started Perfect Pear Workshops with the hope that not only would our beautiful community and surrounds get to attend World Class Workshops in their own local area, but also to support so many local small Businesses who had a voice to be heard but no platform to tell their story to."

The solution was right under their noses!  Sarah's new property housed an unused Studio and when chatting to Lil about her next career adventure, mentioned that she wanted to use the space in some creative way.  Lil, always a dreamer and life taker jumped at the chance to finally make space for so many people she had met through the years who wanted what they were about to create!  And so, Perfect Pear was born.

"When we were brainstorming the name, we wanted something that spoke to both of us, something that told others our story.  Both being Mum's to identical twins, we thought the Perfect Pear sounded well...Perfect!"

"We want the Perfect Pear Studio to be a place that is an 'escape' from the every day, a unique experience that surprises and delights you all through your Workshop or Event.  And most importantly, we want every single guest to feel like they can show us their journey in all their future creative or wellness projects without fear of judgement or criticism.   Thats the Perfect Pear Promise!"