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Free Form Florals Watercolour Workshop

Watercolour painting is a beautiful way to use water and ground pigments to paint beautiful pictures. Watercolour painting is known for its delicacy and subtlety because this art is all about thin washes and transparent colour. The luminosity of the painting is rendered by the white of the surface. The beauty of this medium is learning to balance the control and freedom of the fluid which is water.  Watercolour painting techniques like washes, working wet in wet and wet on dry, lifting out and masking out for highlights, and dozens of other techniques to achieve textural effects.

Come along and join Rashmi from Watercolor Libran in a fun and relaxed watercolour workshop where she will teach you to paint a delicate bunch of luminous florals from a reference painting like the one on this flyer. You will start with some basic theory about water, colours and how they come together. The later and larger part of the workshop will be hands on with a lot of practise on basic techniques, floral patterns and painting your final picture. In this workshop you will get to use quality artist supplies and take home a completed piece. 

In this class, you will cover:

  • Watercolour theory about water, colours and how they come together
  • Basic brush control exercises and watercolour techniques
  • Basics floral shapes and foliage shapes
  • Full flower practise

You will take home an A5 sized watercolour painted by you and a wealth of knowledge

Supplies: You will get to use Rashmi’s private collection of art supplies to practise and complete your final piece. 

No previous experience necessary. Age 18+  

Want to continue watercolour painting at home?  

Rashmi will have her Beginner Watercolour Kit available to purchase, giving you everything you need to paint by yourself

  • 1 x 24 Micador Koh-I-Noor Brilliant Watercolour Paint Discs
  • 3 x Watercolour Brushes (Various sizes)
  • A collection of watercolour paper
  • Basic sketching tools - Pencil and Eraser



Rashmi is a self-taught watercolour artist who has moved from the stages of being a confused beginner to an obsessive painter and now to a calm watercolourist creating pieces that brings joy to her and to everyone who look at them. She loves to paint  bright, cheery and colourful florals but occasionally enjoys bringing a landscape to life on paper. Her most favourite pieces are the watercolour adaptations of homes and bridal bouquets that her followers commission. Her painting style is largely impressionist, and her inspiration comes from nature. Her classes are a relaxed space where you get to explore this medium without fear and as she guides you, you will finish a whole piece to take home.