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Kids Crafty Collage Artwork Workshop

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Here is a bright and crafty workshop for children of all ages.

This 2 hour workshop will support your child to piece together their very own frame-worthy artwork. The theme will be favourite animals in their natural landscapes!

We will:

- Cut and paste to our hearts content

- Make fun and funky masterpieces of things we love.

- And most of all have a blast!

Each child who participates in the workshop will walk away with their own A3 paper collage artwork. 

This workshop is suitable for children over six years of age.



Melbourne based mixed media artist, Kelly Basford has been honing her craft from the day she could delicately grasp a brush in her hand. She draws inspiration from the beauty and wonder of the natural world, particularly the vastness and magic of the stars and constellations that paint the sky and the beauty and delicateness of the flowers and plants all around us. Kelly works with a wide range of art mediums, but has a love for acrylics and watercolour, to convey the space and stillness within her finished works.

When she is not painting or teaching classes she enjoys spending precious time with her husband and young son, going for walks or cooking at home.