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Silver Spinner Ring Workshop

 Spinner rings, meditation rings or fidget rings are a really great tactile piece of jewellery. Sarah started looking into making them to help her son and herself with sensory overload, and having something that is subtle was really nice - as most sensory jewellery is bright colours or made of plastic.

Beyond sensory use, these rings are also really wonderful for meditative practise, the satellite rings spin freely on the wider band.

Making these rings requires some patience and experience with soldering.

In the course of the class you will design your ring - adding your own elements using stamps and texturing - practising first in copper or brass before moving on to creating your piece in sterling silver.

You will use soldering techniques, hammering, forging and will use a special tool to flare your ring.

These are fantastic rings for mixing metals - you can have a central ring of silver, and mix up metals using a combination of silver / copper / brass to make the satellite rings.

This class runs for 3 hours and participants are capped at 6.

Meet Sarah!

Sarah is a jeweller working with Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass and Abalone shell and has taught herself to drill, solder and smelt pewter.

Sarah did not consider herself a creative person until people repeatedly told her she was, and after a year or so she started to believe them. Looking back she acknowledges that she was always creating in some form, and never taking a traditional path. During her degree she was often found under bushes and in long grass looking for mounds and earthworks before recreating historic buildings using maps and aerial photography.

She now has a successful jewellery business: Sarah Munnings Jewellery, a registered patent for memorial lockets designed and made in Melbourne, regular market dates, has sold at Collective stores across Melbourne and loves running joint workshops with her friend and colleague Robyn.